Samfés representative council+



Council of Samfés+ (Youth Council of Youth Centers)

Was officially founded on March 16, 2019 by the initiative of young people after the National Congress of Youth Houses held in Mosfellsbær. At the founding meeting of the council, which was held in the Hamrin youth center in Hafnarfjörður, the purpose and goals of the council were discussed and the purpose and main goals were decided. All young people between the ages of 16-25 can participate and volunteer for the council, which operates on a national level.

Samfés representative council+

Samfé’s board of representatives meets about 10-14 times a year, either at Samfé’s office or electronically.
All travel and meeting expenses of representatives are paid by Samfés.
The Youth Council and the Council of Representatives have two representatives with full voting rights at Samfé’s board meetings, as well as sending two representatives to Samfé’s General Meeting.
The representative council takes an active part in projects, events and decision-making in the organization’s affairs.
Council representatives take part in working groups organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, participate in and attend conferences and meetings on issues related to youth and youth issues in Iceland and abroad.


The purpose and goal of the Samfé+ Council of Representatives is to:

  • Strengthen the participation of young people in the work of youth centers.
  • Ensure the active participation of young people in their affairs.
  • Increase peer education.
  • Ensure that young people gain a voice in society.
  • Young people have national contacts to discuss issues that concern their age group.
  • Strengthen European cooperation with other young people.
  • Influence and work on events organized by Samfé.
  • Influence media coverage.