Landsmót Samfés (EN)



Landsmót Samfés

Samfé’s national convention, which is held in autumn every year, was held for the first time in Blönduós in 1990, where 25 members of Samfé gathered. The teenagers, all in the 8th grade, talked about youth issues and the staff discussed the cooperation of community centers.

The program of Landsmót Samfé is threefold. Work is done in diverse workshops where the goal is for the young people to take what they learn home with them and share their experience and knowledge in their community center. In addition, great emphasis is placed on the importance of meeting peers, getting to know new people and that everyone has as much fun as possible.

Democratic working practices are dominant at Samfé’s Landsmót, but the final day of the convention is dedicated to the National Youth Congress. Samfé’s Youth Council is responsible for organizing this event. At the National Assembly, young people have the opportunity to speak about the various issues that are on their minds. Following the National Congress, the Youth Council summarizes the results and sends resolutions to ministries, local governments, the media and Samfé’s member associations.

At Landsmót, a democratic election is also held for Samfé’s Youth Council. In total, elections are held in 9 constituencies where two representatives are elected from nine constituencies, 18 representatives for two years and 9 representatives for one year, so that the representatives of Samfé’s Youth Council are 27. Eligible for Samfé’s youth council are representatives of member associations between the ages of 13-16.