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Samfés singing competition

Samfé’s singing competition has been held since 1992 and took place in Danshúsin Glæsibær. Over the years, the singing competition has grown along with the number of community centers. In 2001, it was decided to connect the singing competition with the Samfés Ball, and the Samfés Singing Competition is therefore one of the events of the SamFesting held in March every year. The singing competition has been an important event in Samfé’s work ever since it was held for the first time. At the Singing Competition, teenagers have the opportunity to perform and sing in front of their peers and all citizens, as the competition is usually televised live. In the current structure, thirty items reach the final competition after the previous preliminary competitions in each part of the country. The Voice of the People is also voted on, where people are given the opportunity to vote in an online election on the issue they liked best.

Considering the quality of the contestants at Samfé’s singing competition in recent years, we are confident that the future of Icelandic music is in good hands. This is best seen in the fact that some of our leading musicians have taken their first steps publicly in Samfé’s Song Contest.

For a non-governmental organization like Samfés, holding an event like a singing competition requires many hands and we collaborate with many great people who make it possible for Samfés to hold this wonderful competition.

Competitors at the Samfés Singing Competition 2021

Rules of Samfé’s singing competition


Winners of Samfé’s Singing Competition since 1997

2000 – Ragnheiður Gröndal – Garðaskóli
2001 – Tinna Marína Jónsdóttir – Tónabær
2002 – Pétur Gunnarsson – Miðberg
2004 – Rakel Pálsdóttir – Arnardalur
2005 – Sæmundur Rögnvaldsson – Selið
2006 – Kristín, Inga og Kristjana – Ekkó
2007 – Herdís Rútsdóttir – Tvisturinn
2008 – Stefanía Svavarsdóttir – Bólið
2011 – Teitur Gissurarson – Hólmasel
2012 – Melkorka Rós Hjartardóttir – Boran
2013 – Margrét Stella Kaldalóns – Frosti
2014Laufey Lin – 105
2015 – Jóhanna Ruth Luna Jose – Fjörheimum
2017Anya Hrund Shaddock – Hellirinn
2018 – Aníta Daðadóttir – Fönix
2019Þórdís Karlsdóttir – Bólið
2020 – Þórdís Linda Þórðardóttir – Garðalundur