Samfé’s youth council (EN)



Samfé’s youth council

Samfé’s Youth Council is a democratically elected council of young people aged 13-16 (8th – 10th grade) from all over the country.

The proposal for the establishment of Samfé’s youth council was approved at Samfé’s general meeting in Ólafsvík on April 27, 2006. The youth council officially started working after Samfé’s national tournament held in Garðin á Suðurnesj in 2006.

Elections to Samfé’s Youth Council take place annually at Samfé’s National Summit. Elections are held in 9 constituencies in total, so there are 27 members of the council. It is important to inform and encourage the young people to volunteer and submit their candidacies on time. Registration of candidates is done through the community center. Each community center can submit one offer.

The purpose of Samfé’s youth council is to promote the participation of young people in social center work, to increase peer education. That young people gain a voice in society so that everything is not compared to adults. That young people have national contacts to discuss issues that concern this age group. Strengthen European cooperation with other young people. Influence and work on events organized by Samfé, and influence media coverage.

    The goals of Samfé’s Youth Council are to:

    • That young people participate in the organization’s decision-making in all its matters.
    • To actively participate in all decision-making of the organization.
    • Protecting the interests of young people in all matters, e.g. coverage, rights issues, etc.
    • That young people are not violated regarding their rights and interests.
    • To create a basis for young people to come together and express their opinions.
    • To hold an annual national assembly and bring conclusions.
    • To promote the social awareness of young people and promote democratic participation.
    • Strengthen the relationship between community centers and young people nationwide.
    • Educating other young people about how they can participate in a democratic society.
    • Responsible for promoting a social life that appeals to all groups.
    • Be aware of other people’s opinions. Not everyone has the same taste as you.
    • Ensure the continued involvement of young people in all decision-making and strategic planning of Samfé.
    • Two representatives of the youth council attend and actively participate in all Samfé board meetings.
    • To be policy advisors in all matters concerning young people.