Rhyming (EN)




Rhyme flow, the young people’s rap competition, was first held in Miðberg in 1999. The competition has been a jumping platform for young and promising rappers from social centers, across the country, to create a name in the music world. E.g. These include Emmsjé Gauta, who has achieved good results in the Icelandic music scene and is one of the country’s best -known rappers today.

Rhyme flow has established a permanent place in the agenda of social centers as it interests young people on rap and gives it a positive discussion. Every year we see new and promising rappers that show great talent in law and text. Competitors in Rímnaflöd must be in elementary school age (grade 8 – 10). The condition is that texts are compiled by competitors, but songs and rhythms do not have to be original. It is clear that the future in the rap is bright and many promising rappers are taking their first steps in the field in this competition. Texts that include hate speech, racial prejudice, female advocacy, positive reviews on the consumption of alcohol and other drugs are banned. Competitors can be dismissed in the case of rough violations.

Since participation in competitions such as rhyme flow is an important learning process for young people, who are often taking their first steps in taking place, free rap courses are held in the run -up to the competition where all young people are invited to participate.

The jury gives points, among other things for content -rich text, flow and the songs themselves as a whole.

Here you can see some good items https://www.ruv.is/ungruv/